Printdry: Water Prevention in Your 3D Models

Printdry: Water Prevention in Your 3D Models

Printdry is the perfect solution if you're looking for more accurate, precise, and finely tuned additive prints. With its vacuum sealed container and other systems, Printdry keeps filaments protected from outside elements such as moisture, and ensures more quality and accurate finished 3D Prints.

The science behind Printdry is quite immaculate.


Whether you may or may not realize, finished 3D prints often are filled with moisture right after the print stage is complete. As a result, this can cause prints to become more malleable and/or lose shape right after completion. Printdry has a range of products meant to combat this issue. These products work by containing 3D printing filaments in extremely dry conditions, while also preventing further moisture from getting in.


Printdry products prevent filaments from the outside elements, as well as keeping moisture out with its vacuum-like . All of this happens before the filament has entered the printer, and the process ensures higher quality finishes in 3D models. Its ideal electricity use is 245W, and the process takes about 12-48 hours to complete depending on the product. Click here to view the compatibility of different filaments with this product.


If you’re interested in more accurate, precise, and finely tuned additive prints, Printdry is right for you. There are 4 types of products in the Printdry brand: one is the Printdry Vacuum Sealed Filament Container, focused on the prevention of moisture entering the filament spool, the Printdry Filament Dryer Pro, the Large Spool Kit (double wall) for Printdry Filament Dryer Pro, and the Additional Chamber Kit (double wall) for Printdry Filament Dryer Pro.


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