The 3D Filament Experts: 3DXTECH Now Available

The 3D Filament Experts: 3DXTECH Now Available

It’s a new year and we have exciting news! CAD MicroSolutions has partnered with 3DXTECH to bring Canadians top-of-the-line 3D printing filament, ranging from PLA to PEEK and everything in between.

Formed in 2014, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, 3DXTECH brings innovative, high-performance materials into the additive manufacturing industry. With a focus on functionality and a creation process based on over 25 years in the 3D printing business, 3DXTECH filaments are created using state-of-the-art equipment and processes. Their team full of carbon fiber experts ensures that consumers are delivered the best carbon fiber 3D filaments on the market, and we at CAD Micro are excited to offer these materials to you.

“With the supply chain disruption continuing into 2022, this going to be a very challenging year for businesses who have yet to adapt to new technologies. Those companies that have adopted these innovative technologies will find 3DXTECH a great fit for continuous use. With end-use, high-temp, carbon fiber, glass-filled, ESD, and many more material options, 3DXTECH is the perfect match.”

– Hargurdeep Singh, VP of Advanced Manufacturing

View our product lineup of 3DXTECH 3D printing filaments and shop today here.


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