SolidWorks Motion Training

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SolidWorks Motion Training

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This course has been designed for new SolidWorks Motion users who would like to learn to perform motion analysis on their designs. The course provides an in-depth session on the basics of building, simulating and refining a mechanical design system.

Duration: 2 Days

Available Format(s): Online, Custom Training, on-demand

Course Outline

Topics covered:

  • Intro to Motion Simulation & Forces
  • Build Motion Model & Post-Processing
  • Intro to Contracts, Springs & Dampers
  • Advanced Contact
  • Curve to Curve Contact
  • CAM Synthesis
  • Motion Optimization
  • Flexible Joints
  • Redundancies
  • Export to FEA
  • Event Based Simulation
  • Design Project (Optional)

Download the full course Outline

Knowledge of SOLIDWORKS required. Basics of MotionManager and basic mechanical engineering concepts is recommended.