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Uniquely positioned to support our clients across Canada, the team at CAD Micro is dedicated to helping our customers ensure they are realizing the greatest value from their technology investment. Our mission is to enable a community of professionals across Canada on a collaboration platform to optimize the deployment of Industry 4.0 technology.

CAD Micro offers desing automation software, additive manufacturing solutions, 3D metrology and scanning technology and professional services, as well as training and consultation to help our clients innovate, disrupt, design and succeed.

Print Stronger Parts. Anywhere in the World.


x7 Field Edition is the rugged, field-deployable industrial 3D printer for tactical response to supply challenges in remote locations.

Rugged. Reliable. Ready.

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For those whose line of work takes them far from home.

For those who venture outside the comforts of stable power and internet connections.

For those without the conveniences of free next-day shipping and scheduled daily deliveries

Join World Leaders in Adopting Additive Manufacturing


Markforged is an NCMS member that builds 3D printers to enable government entities to fabricate robust, accurate parts when and where they are needed. The Digital Forge is the only on-demand parts platform built to go anywhere. Manage a secure distributed network of 3D printers from anywehre with no need for skilled operators. Drive advancements in R&D and fabricate parts out of the most advanced composites and metals available to 3D print today.

See how Markefored 3D printing technology is enabling the U.S Army to increase readiness. Scan to download the United States Army case study.