Given the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation, our team here at CAD Micro is working hard to ensure the health and safety of our employees while continuing to offer support to our clients. While our own working environment has changed, we are available to support our network navigate this changing environment and remain as productive as possible. We have put plans in place to help your company minimize any disruption caused by COVID-19


Remote Access

Do you need help setting up SOLIDWORKS licensing for your users to work from home?

Do you need help with access to mobile workstations?

Are your users able to connect via VPN?

Do you need advice on working remotely with PDM?

For help with any of the above items, please contact your Account Manager or our Customer Care team and we would be happy to help.

Remote Learning

If your team cannot for whatever reason remain fully productive doing business as usual tasks, perhaps this is an opportunity for them to level up their skills!

The CAD Micro Tech Team can run online training sessions, online tech support sessions, and online coaching to help your team level up and get proficient in new areas that will help you design better products, reduce your lead times and be more innovative in general. Check out our Events page for upcoming webinars.

CAD MicroSolutions customers on activate SOLIDWORKS subscription are entitled to:

MySOLIDWORKS has over 400 different videos learning tutorials to keep you busy. You can also access a cloud based version of SOLIDWORKS for free. Log in with your SOLIDWORKS ID and click on the My Reseller menu item and you will get access to registering for our upcoming webinars over the next few weeks, as well as all of the links to watch our Tech Tip videos from over the years. Alternately, check out our YouTube channel for more video resources!

Custom Training

Please reach out to your Account Manager to discuss any potential for custom online training for you and your team.

Evaluation Licenses

If you wish to learn a new skill using a SOLIDWORKS module you don’t currently own or don’t have enough licenses for, such as Simulation, Inspection, CAM, Electrical, PCB, or Plastics, we can provide you with temporary evaluation licenses. All you need to do is ask!

IT Support

Our Technical Team is standing by to help you overcome any challenges you may have with remote access. Now is also a great time to finally do that SOLIDWORKS Upgrade you’ve been putting off. If you have not setup PDM Standard (included in SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium), or need a PDM Admin refresher or database clean up, we can help.

If you are using PDM and your users are accessing the Vault remotely, just a reminder to be extra vigilant about data security. The most important thing you can do is to have a proper PDM Vault backup. Our Tech Team can help you, and you can access the PDM Guide here. The backup and restore procedure is in Chapter 10 (P 144-151).

Digital Manufacturing

CAD Micro compliments the SOLIDWORKS Solution with additional software and hardware that creates a complete Industry 4.0 ecosystem for innovation. If we can help you do a test 3D print, test 3D scan, test digital manufacturing twin, augmented or virtual reality asset or advanced simulation, please let us know.

Additive Manufacturing Clients

Inventory & Operations

We have ample inventory and do not anticipate shortages at this time, however, if you have concerns about your material inventory, please reach out to your Account Manager or our Customer Care Team to ensure we can meet your needs. Our operations, logistics and customer service will also continue without disruption as we adapt to the changing situation.

Remote Installation and/or Training

The CAD Micro Tech Team has full capability to run online training sessions, installations, online tech support sessions or online coaching to help your team level up and get proficient in new areas that will help you design better products, reduce your lead times, and be more innovative in your workflow. Just put your hand up and we would be happy to help as needed.

One-on-One Remote Meetings

Please reach out to your Account Manager to schedule a remote meeting with one of our team members.

Technical Webinars & Online Resources

As businesses are required to move to a Work From Home model, this could provide an opportunity to level up the skills of your team. CAD MicroSolutions has a repository of digital resources on our website that your team can access at anytime.

We have multiple upcoming webinars focused on improving your knowledge of additive manufacturing. Join us for the following live webinars in the coming weeks, and keep an eye on our Events page for newly added online seminars.

  1. Designing & Printing Functional Parts in Full Colour (Wed March 18 @ 1:00pm)
  2. 3D Metrology Series – An Introduction to 3D Inspection with GOM (Wed March 25 @ 1:00pm)
  3. Markforged 3D Printing Technology Deep Dive & Printing Remotely (Wed April 8 @ 1:00pm)

Benchmark Support

Our team can help you with a test benchmark 3D print or evaluate your STL file for print optimization. Let us know what you’re trying to do, and someone on our team can help you through the process.

Most importantly, stay safe and healthy during this time. Let’s work together as a team to make our collective productivity as high as possible during this turbulent time and we will continue to enjoy success.

Thank you,

The CAD MicroSolutions Team

A message from Chris Watkinson, Managing Partner at CAD MicroSolutions, regarding the current COVID-19 situation and our position to support the Canadian manufacturing industry through this time.