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Formlabs Tough Resin Cartridge


Formlabs Tough Resin Cartridge


$228.00 CAD

Whether you’re optimizing your manufacturing process, rapidly iterating through designs, or assessing form, fit, and function, Formlabs Engineering Resins are formulated to withstand extensive testing and perform under stress.

Tough Resin is a legacy formulation of the strongest and stiffest material in our functional family of Tough and Durable Resins. 

Our latest material, Tough 2000 Resin, is now recommended for prototyping strong and sturdy parts that should not bend easily.  Tough 2000 Resin offers more advanced mechanical properties and a new look:

  • Reduced brittle failures: Increased elongation by more than 100%.
  • Improved strength and stiffness: Increased flexural strength and flexural modulus by roughly 15%.
  • Better performance at elevated temperatures: Increased heat deflection temperature.
  • Professional-looking parts: New grey color.

Supports print resolutions: 100 and 50 microns.
Post-curing required.